Have you recently accepted Christ or maybe just need a place to start learning more? This 7-day devotional is geared to help you get started on your relationship and what it means to be a follower of Jesus. Use this to learn more about the Next Steps to take, and don’t forget to let us know if you’ve become a believer so that we can help you on this exciting journey!


Moments with Jesus. Spend time with Jesus and get to know Him through the eyes of those who walked beside Him. Use this 7 day devotional as a guide to who Jesus Christ is. These stories bring the Bible passages to life to show you the loving heart of our savior.


Scripture. Observation. Application. Prayer. Have you struggled with digging deeper into scripture and how it applies to you? This ongoing devotional blog is built to help you dig deeper into your faith. Grow your faith as our staff helps you discover how to bring God’s Word into your everyday life.


For Everyone. As a community, it’s important that we dream together! This 5-day devotional guides you through our vision as a church and how this affects you as part of the family. Join us on our path to build a culture by being the culture!