Welcome from our Lead Pastors



+ Expect a culture of love

From the moment you walk into Jeremiah’s Coffee Shop, you will experience a community of love. From the baristas who serve coffee, to the friendly hug from our greeters, to the music during our service, to the talk our Pastor shares, we pray that the LOVE of Christ is in everything we do. Come and join us, and experience the unrelenting, life-changing love of Jesus.

+ Expect a culture of outreach

You will quickly find here at 29:11 Church, we believe that the Church is the local hope of the world through the love of Jesus. Therefore, we believe that the Church should be an active and integrate part of the surrounding community, and changing the landscape of the city in which it is located. You will find a variety of outreaches and community events to serve at and get involved in. We encourage you to find the right event that suits your passions, and make the impact in your city by serving.

+ Expect a culture of creativity

From the moment we started 29:11 Church, we have integrated the power of artistic expression as a way to share an individual’s love for Jesus. In our services, you will see these artistic displays of love for Jesus through original music, dance, film, photography, and design, as well as the outward expressions of love towards Christ through the lifting of hands, clapping, and singing. We encourage you to join us in these expressions of love towards Christ as we celebrate the redemption we have because of His sacrifice. We serve the most creative Creator of the universe, how can you be creative in the way you love Jesus?

+ Expect a culture of generosity

Here at 29:11 Church, we believe in the principal of investment. There is a consistent conversation in the Word of God about the process of sowing and reaping. We believe it is our role as the Church of Christ to sow into the kingdom. We believe this is not an obligation “have to” action, but a “get to” action we are invited to be a part of. We love to invest into the kingdom with our TIME, or TALENT, and our TREASURE. This is why we host a “Giving” portion in our services on a weekly basis, and encourage our congregation to participate in the principal of tithing, or the giving of your first 10% as instructed in the Old Testament. We serve a generous God, and we want to respond by being generous followers of Christ.

+ Expect a culture of community

When you come to 29:11 Church, you will experience authentic community. We believe COMMUNITY is CRUCIAL to your GROWTH. Grab a cup of coffee in Jeremiah’s with someone and get to know them before service, find a place to serve on a team, or attend the right Community Group that fits your interests and lifestyle. Visit the START HERE table in our lobby this weekend, and find where you can discover COMMUNITY.



Come as you are! We are a casual culture that encourages you to come in whatever you feel comfortable with. 



We are located on the corner Baseline & Price, in a shopping mall behind the Water & Ice. There are multiple entrances on Price south-bound, as well as off of Baseline East-bound. Follow the signs located at each of the entrances, we can’t wait to see you!



During our weekend experiences, we have a service planned for every age. Stop by the 2911KIDS Check-In station visible from our lobby, and a kids team volunteer will help your children register for their age-specific class. We are committed to security and safety for all our children’s areas. 



The lobby of our Church is a coffee shop called Jeremiah’s Coffee Company. We hope it makes you feel WARM and WELCOME as soon as you come through our doors. On your way in, grab a free cup of a coffee brewed from our in-house roasted beans, or purchase a hand-crafted beverage from our Jeremiah’s team. Coffee brews community!



Each of our service experiences generally opens with a time of music and singing together, and then one of our pastors will share an authentic bible-based talk to encourage the congregation. We will close service with a time of reflection, and community. Service generally last about 75 minutes.



We want to equip you with the resources to grow in your relationship with Christ. Follow along during the service on our 29:11 Church App located downloadable from any app related forum. On the “this weekend” tab, find a personalized playlist with the music selected for the weekend, interactive notes, and bible reading plans. Come as you are, but leave never the same.