Day 1

What does a Relationship with Jesus look like?

Hello sweet family! Welcome to Next Step. We are so thankful we get to journey with you on the new adventure you’ve said “yes” to! We can’t wait to see you grow, walk alongside you, and get to do life together. I guess the first question you may be asking is, “what does a relationship with Jesus ACTUALLY look like?” We want to focus our first day of devotions together to answer that question.

For each individual, the day-to-day with Jesus may look different. After all, God talks to us in so many different ways and each relationship is so significant and genuine. One thing that’s for sure, is that God wants to be part of our daily lives, he wants to be involved and welcomed into your every morning. Every day it is important that we make time for God to build the relationship. Making time for God can be through a daily devotional, studying the bible, worshipping, spending time praying, or just having some quiet time and reflecting on God and his goodness. Beginning each day or ending each night with time with God is essential to growing a relationship; he wants to spend time with you.

Today I want to challenge you to spend 10 minutes with God, whenever you have time to do so in the day. Open up in a prayer thanking God for his love and grace, then spend some time praying for those you know who don’t have a relationship with God. Maybe find a devotional (here is one I recommend: Once you read through the devotional, take some time to think and reflect on what you just read.

Making this habit of daily life with God will set you on a great course for growing a relationship and foundation for the rest of your life.