Day 5


Community. Why is community important?

If there is one thing you will hear around 29:11, it’s, “community is crucial to your growth.” And that statement is absolutely true. Being involved in a community that shares the same treasures and beliefs is not only crucial to your growth, but your day-to-day life as well. Community becomes family as you begin to do ministry together, grow together, learn together, study the word together, and pray together. You may have noticed already that we have an abundance of what we call “community groups.” These groups meet monthly and you can be involved in one or several! We have community groups for anyone and everyone from women, young adults, single moms, young men, moms with young kids, young adult girls, bible readers, all the way to not-so-20-something’s! If you’re a human, there’s a place for you to fit here and we want to help you find where you belong where you can plant yourself and grow (group list: At the end of this week-long devotional someone will reach out to you to help you find a place to get plugged in!