Day 4

God's Word.

Today let’s look at one of the greatest, tangible gifts we have- the Bible. Why is it important we know and study the Bible? GREAT QUESTION!

The Bible is the word of God. It is 66 books complied into two testaments, the old and new, making up one entire book. The Bible is full of history, old laws, new laws, prophetic words, the story of Jesus, letters to cities that were changed by the love of Jesus, and hundreds of songs/hymns/praises to God. The Bible is alive and ready to teach us what it means to follow God. It was written over a span of more than 2,000 years, and it is STILL relevant to us today. But how?

While God used people to write the Bible to specific places/churches/people at a specific times, it also was written for us. The Bible might seem big and often daunting to people to read, but it can be simple to read and understand when you have help. That’s what this seven day ‘New Believers’ study is here for! We want to help you get on a good path and start in reading the Bible. What we like to suggest for any new believer is to start in the gospel of Mark. Mark was actually written for the new believers when it was originally written! How perfect.

We have a daily devotional posted where you can read through the book of Mark with us. The daily devotional is called SOAP. The name SOAP stands for Scripture —read a chapter of the bible, Observation —observe what is happening in these verses, Application —ask how you can apply what you read to your own life, and Prayer —talk to God. We encourage you to jump over to that for some time in God’s word today, here’s a link to it: SOAP- the Book of Mark.

After this devotional (or even today!) we want to challenge you to start reading through Mark with the plan given (or if you find a plan of your own).

We are with you! God is with you! This new journey is so exciting!