April 21st

Scripture - Mark 2

Observation - The religious leaders of Jesus’ time really had no idea who he was. In viewing him, the leaders just saw a man who was trying to claim “authority.” They didn’t seem to know that Jesus was there to establish a connection once again between man and God and that he was in fact the Son of God. Jesus saw the faith of the friends of the man who was paralyzed. Jesus then forgave the mans sins. The religious leaders were shocked that a person, other than God himself would claim to do such a thing. Then Jesus took it a step farther and healed the man. They had been looking for the savior for so long, that they didn’t realize he was standing right in front of them. 

Application - Have you ever felt judged by your past, your circumstances, or even choices that you’ve made? Or maybe, never felt like you measured up to someone’s expectations? When the paralytic man was carried to the house on a mat, the crowd couldn’t see past his appearance or their own desire to be in the house. Then, he was lowered through the roof. Jesus saw past the distractions and the crowd, he saw this man with compassion. Jesus has made a way to make all brokenness whole. Don’t feel like you ever too far gone, for the Savior to make your brokenness whole. He is after all, the same savior who called Levi, a tax collector to follow  him too.

Prayer - Father, help me to trust that you see past my brokenness. Thank you for meeting me in my brokenness and making me whole. Somedays I feel weak and unwise. Thank you for your grace and forgiveness. Give me wisdom over all areas of my life. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.