April 22nd

Scripture - Mark 3

Observation - Jesus was simply asking the people of the synagogue a question. He wanted them to realize that their obsession with the technicalities of the law had blinded them from discovering God’s love. Jesus saw their stubborn hearts and it angered him. Jesus didn’t fly off of the handle with his anger or yell at the people. Instead, his anger in this moment drove him towards compassion and love for the people.

Application - What causes your anger to go off? Is it a loved one? A spouse? Rush hour traffic? Whatever it is, take a minute to check your heart to see what stirs up anger in you. Our anger is very human and most times it is not driven by love. When our human side gets angry, we tend to be hurtful towards people, even ourselves. Ask God to help you choose to LOVE rather that live in anger. If anger pushes you towards a change of heart -to focus on LOVE, it can be helpful.

 Prayer - Lord, I confess my anger to you. When I confess, you are faithful and just to forgive. Cleanse my heart of all unrighteousness. Examine my heart and protect me from falling into temptation. Lead me instead towards loving people well. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.