Day 6

Share with Someone.

So now you’ve got some direction, some inspiration, and some encouragement in your new walk with Jesus, and your new community. We couldn’t be more excited by your commitment and your desire to step into the most meaningful and rewarding life you could ever have. It doesn’t mean the road gets easier, but the road does gain purpose and it only leads to one place: your eternal home with the One who paved the way.

Each and every one of us makes up and integral part of the body of Christ. Some of us are pastors, some of us are baristas, some of us are secretaries, administrators, custodians, each piece has its purpose. Following Jesus doesn’t necessarily mean that we are all called to full time vocational ministry, but it does mean that our lives in any situation should reflect the passion for our purpose that Christ has given us.

Whatever your situation, lifestyle or occupation, Jesus has called you to a life of full time ministry in that place! If you desire more, ask God for it, but wait with passionate patience encouraging those around you, spreading the word and shining the light of our God everywhere you go!

Jesus has called us to plant seeds, to spread good the news! Tell someone this week about Jesus, share your story, tell them who has changed you and what it means to you! The easiest way to tell people about Jesus is to share your story! You don’t need scripture, you don’t need a platform, all you need is a heart that is bursting with purpose and enthusiasm. 

In Matthew 5:20 Jesus says that we are the light of the world, a city on a hill cannot be hidden, neither do people light a lamp and hide it under a bowl, instead they place it on a stand and it gives light to all in the house, in that same way let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your father in heaven.

Notice, that part where He says, “it gives light to all in the house.” Jesus has commanded very clearly that everyone needs and deserves a chance to hear and experience the love that he offers! Not that we would be glorified but that He would be glorified, he calls us to purpose and yet he places the weight on his shoulders so don’t feel burdened to “save” everyone!

I know we desire to see success in every endeavor but in reality we know it’s not possible, and therefore not everyone you share with will receive what you offer, but all you’ve been called to do is shine, so keep shining. And pray for those who deny the message of Jesus don’t scold or berate them, that’s not our job, we’ve been called to love. 

As you step into your day, week or year I pray that you would shine for Jesus as he continues to mold and shape your faith and deepen your experience with him!