February 10th

Scripture - Matthew 23

Observe It - Even though the Pharisees did not like what Jesus preached and tried again and again to have him arrested, he told his disciples and all that would listen that because they held a high authority position, they should be respected at all times because God placed them there in that position. They were a people that expected people to hold the laws in place and follow them to a tee, but they themselves sat back and watched and did not lead by example. They had a very strong, religious spirit about them. They coveted titles and positions and adored praise given by the people. Their hearts were not in a good place. Jesus asks that those who follow him should learn to love, serve, and honor others. We also make God’s word most important in our lives, the religious leaders did not do that. They made traditions and rules of utmost importance. 

Apply It - Can you relate a bit to the Pharisees? They adored praise from those around them. To them, their religion was on display for all to see and to them it mattered who noticed them. Sometimes our flesh can rise up against the things God has planted in our hearts and urge us to accept praise and adoration from those around us. It’s nice to be recognized for our accomplishments, but when we are seeking out attention and putting that above God, we have a heart issue that needs to be fixed.

Prayer - God, I ask that you help me to learn that living this life is not all about me. Help me to take on a humble attitude when it comes to working or doing things. There may be times that I am not recognized for my hard work. Help me to remember that it is you that is always watching, and you who matters most. Help me to find someone today that needs to hear your name spoken. I give you thanks. In Your name, Amen.