February 9th

Scripture - Matthew 22

Observe It - Here we see Jesus use the parable of Marriage of the King’s Son. The banquet is revealed as a celebration for those who accept Jesus and judgment for those who reject his name. Many people are chosen by God, but many also reject God and run away from him. Rather than submitting their own lives and laying them down, they would rather do what they can now, and have fun, and worry about salvation later. Never wait to accept Jesus for we are not promised tomorrow.

Apply it - Have you ever felt the call of God? Maybe you were at home, at church, or even at a kid’s/youth camp. Did you accept the call, or did you run? If you are running now, what is keeping you from accepting the plans God has for you? Serving God is no easy task. When we accept Jesus, it’s not like life just clears up and becomes easy-peasy. In fact, it becomes harder because we fight with flesh and the devil. But, with Jesus, we can trust that when we pray, he’s there to answer us and fight alongside us!

Prayer - God, I don’t want to run anymore. I want to accept your gift of salvation and everything that comes along with it. I want to serve you and do the things that you have called me to do. Take my weary heart and let it find rest in you. Revive and restore me God. In your name I pray, Amen.