February 8th

Scripture - Matthew 21

Observe it - Jesus enters Jerusalem as a king would have, marking himself as anointed. Those who followed him like his disciple’s and those he had healed were shouting out Hosanna which translates to “save now.” This crowd praised him as they walked through the streets, taking off garments to allow the donkey he rode to walk on them. Unfortunately, most of the people, even though those that he had healed were expecting him to bring Hope in a different way than God had planned. They truly had no idea who Jesus really was, they were blind to the real home that he offered, and the power behind what he was about to do to absolve death and sin. Shortly after welcoming him, the same community rejected Jesus as Messiah.

Apply It - How many times in your life have you rejected Jesus because he didn’t act the way you expected him to? Have you gotten to know the genuine power behind His name? How have you discovered the real power of Christ in your life?

Prayer - God, let me not lose sight of all that your son truly came and did for me. I want to always know the true power and majesty in the person of Jesus. For the times I have rejected you or pushed you aside, I ask that you forgive me of my sin and help me to move forward. In Your name, Amen.