February 7th

Scripture - Matthew 20

Observe it - Jesus simply states to those who listen that it doesn’t matter who accepts him first or last, or who does more work than any other. Jesus accepts all those who call on him. He doesn’t ask for us to compete with one another; seeing who has a bigger list of good deeds for when we get to heaven. He asks that we all work together as a community and build and feed off of each other. We can’t have one without the other. We also can’t obtain salvation through these good works or be on some special merit list. The only way to obtain salvation is to call upon the name of Jesus, and you will be saved. 

Apply It - Think about the job you are at now. Do you get noticed for the good work you do? Do you get any kind of recognition for your job well done? How many times have you completed a project, only to not get noticed that it was you who did it? This is where Jesus notices all of our hard work, and sometimes that’s hard to do. We fight our flesh to stand out and be in the spotlight and push others aside. How can you allow the things you do today be in honor of God instead of yourself?

Prayer - God, I want to see Your bigger picture. I want to be placed side-by-side with other believers and work towards the common goal; to reach out to those who need to hear your name the most. This isn’t some race or competition for fame. This isn’t a moment that’s all about me. When those moments hit, and my flesh wants to rise up with selfish ambition, I ask that you help tame my heart and mind to focus on you. In Your name, Amen.