February 11th

Scripture - Matthew 24

Observe it - Here we see Jesus talking with his disciples about the temple. All they see is the beauty and splendor of the temple, but Jesus grieves because he tells them that soon the temple will be destroyed. At the same time, they coax Jesus in trying to tell them when he will be on earth again. Jesus points out that no man shall know, but that we should live each day like it is our last. He also warns them that many will come claiming that the end times is near. False prophets will preach in his name. Jesus knew the persecution that would await his disciples once he ascended to heaven. He was trying to help them to be strong in this time. He encouraged them to keep their eyes focused on him.

Apply It - Over the course of history, we have had many claims that the world was coming to an end. Many people have been severely disappointed and from those moments people gave up on God. Instead of us focusing on our surroundings or a date, we should always line our eyes up with God’s will for us right here today. When we are focused on him and his kingdom, we won’t be caught up in worrying about the future. We should live each day like it’s our last. 

Prayer - Father, I want to always keep my eyes focused on you. I know that many come preaching ways other than your way. I know these to be false teachers. Help my heart to stay strong, may my trust remain in you and my mind become sharpened through your word. In your name, Amen.