January 22nd

Scripture- Matthew 4

Observe It – All the money and worldly possessions will not get you into heaven. 

Living without Christ means we live in the dark. Many are content to stay in the dark instead of coming into the light with Jesus. 

The light Jesus offers us guides us and puts on the path that brings us closer to God’s heart.

We see Jesus calling out his first disciples. Just like them, Jesus asks us to give up everything and follow him. 

Apply It – I have to realize that I cannot live my day-to-day mediocre. The time has come to step up into 2019 and give Jesus my all. To lay everything out and allow him to work in me so that I can help do work with others and spread the gospel and God’s love.

Prayer – Father, I want to step into your arms and live my life with everything you have to offer. I am tired of the same old, same old. I am ready for something new; something vibrant; something alive. I am ready to take on what you have for me and live my life according to your desires. Help me as I step into a new season. In your name, Amen.