January 21st

Scripture- Matthew 3

Observe It – Repent of your sins and turn to God

Your background and where you come from will not save you

Baptizing with water – Washing off the old life and coming into your new life with Jesus

Apply It – Each day is a daily sin struggle. We are not perfect creatures. We are made with flaws. If we think our status, who we are, who we associate with, or money will keep us out of hell, we are mistaken. The only way to be saved and escape death is through Jesus Christ. 

Prayer is essential to not only grow our relationship with Jesus, but in prayer, we invite God to keep sin from taking root in our hearts.

Prayer – Father, sin is a struggle. It’s harder some days over others. There are things that I battle every single day. I know the only way to be victorious over sin, is to give it to you and pray. Through prayer, my battles are strengthened and my war cry is heard. I pray you give me strength to do battle. In your name, Amen.