January 20th

Scripture- Matthew 2

Observe It – Many were expecting Jesus to come in with a flash. To have riches thrown at his feet and royalty to bow down to him. Instead, he came humbly, with no flare. Most of the world had no clue who he was or what he would do one day. 

At such a new born, Jesus inspired worship and hostility; a common theme throughout his ministry.

Apply It – We can take our example and lead from Jesus and learn to become humble, thoughtful; sitting back and observing others. Instead of being flashy, wanting riches, and speaking whatever comes out of our mouth, we can learn to let Jesus speak through us and model our lives after his.

Prayer – Father, Thank-you for sending your son into a very broken world. He came in with no special talent and gift, just a man sent to forgive our sins. I want my life to be in your hands. I want to learn how to grow in humility and forgiveness. Thank-you for your continued work in me. In your name, Amen.