January 23rd

Scripture- Matthew 5

Observe It – Blessed meaning happy, fortunate, blissful. These are things that show on the inside of us; the work God does on us when we start a life with him.

When we are poor in spirit, we are humbled to realize that we cannot live this life without God at the head of it. 

We mourn over our sin and that produces repentance that leads to salvation.

We will inherit heaven and share God’s kingdom on earth when we are saved.

We should also hunger and thirst for righteousness.

We should rejoice from all the blessings that are poured out on us. We should be like the salt and light of the earth. Giving flavor, melting coldness, healing wounds.

Apply It – I should take on the characteristics of the beatitudes that Jesus describes. Live my life with humility and realizing that God has amazing things for me. Taking time to look around me and see all my blessings. Most importantly, being available for his people.

Prayer – Father, I pray that my life reflects what Jesus spoke about on the Sermon on the Mount. I what to have a humble attitude; never arrogant or proud. When I begin to get arrogant or proud, I ultimately turn people off of you. That’s not a goal I want to achieve. My best should always be about you and what you want of me. Help me today to work towards joy, and righteousness. In your name, Amen.