January 25th

Scripture- Matthew 7

Observe It – Don’t judge others

Treat others how you want to be treated

Keep praying and seeking God in all matters

God has good things when you serve him.

The road to follow Jesus is not easy, or wide. It is a hard that is narrow. Not all who walk it make it.

Those who follow God produce good fruit, it shown by the way they live their lives and love on people.

Apply It – My life is to always be a living example for others. People should always see Jesus shining through. If I wanted to be treated with respect, then I need to treat others with respect. I shouldn’t look at person by the way they look and assume anything about their life. People deal with a lot and all I need to be is available to love on them or pray with them.

And, God always has good for me. The more I pursue him and spend time with him, the more he will pour out his blessings on me.

Prayer – Help me to let my life reflect you. From my actions, to my behavior, to the way I talk; let it always be you coming out in those areas of my life. If there is something that does not reflect who you are, wash it out of me. Help me in the weak areas of how I treat people. Raise me up to be a person that others can lean on and trust in hard times. In your name, Amen.