January 26th

Scripture- Matthew 8

Observe It – Jesus was setting himself and ministry up when he healed the leper. The officer thought he was unworthy to have Jesus in his home because of his status but, because of his faith, his servant was healed. 

We see Jesus continue to heal the sick and broken. It was a further establishment that he was the son of God.

With Jesus on board the boat, the disciples thought that the boat would capsize. Once Jesus calmed the storm, they saw again who he really was. 

Apply It – We have the same power to heal the sick and broken. We only have to ask Jesus and our faith. There are times that we are like the soldier. We don’t think that we deserve Jesus because of how we live our lives or how we lived in the past. But, God look past all that. He loves us unconditionally. When storms of life hit, I can trust and know that God is right there. I don’t have to be scared of the storm.

Prayer – Father God, I know that you are the true God. You are the one who stands beside me and who guides me through this crazy life. When my faith is low, restore it. I want my faith in you to overflow out of me and reach others. I stand firm on word God and I speak out your name knowing that you have my back. In your name, Amen.