July 6th

Scripture - 2 Samuel 15 _

Observation - Absalom carried out his plan to take over the throne. He pointed out the faults of the king in power, and he praised himself and his abilities. Absalom pulled off this trickery because of his high rank, his handsome appearance and his courtesy to even the lowliest people. In doing so, he stole the hearts of the Israelites. Yet through it all, his father David did not take Absalom’s actions seriously.

Application - When God reprimands us for our actions, it is not done out of anger. Our father loves us and wants the best of us, but he also doesn’t let us go unpunished when we sin. Unlike David with Absalom, God’s correction is meant to redirect us and turn us away from sin.

Prayer - Father God, I always want to do right in your eyes. There are days that I may fail or days I may want to return to my old sin and old ways. Help me to remember your word in those moments and stand strong, so that I can flee from those tempting thoughts. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.