July 7th

Scripture - 2 Samuel 16

Observation - Absalom seeks the advice of two men, Ahithophel and Hushai. Ahitophel is helping the prince overtake the throne from David. Hushai, on the other hand, is David’s spy. At first Ahithopel advice sounds good - and most likely David and his men would have been overtaken had it been followed. But Hushai, caring about David and not Absalom, baits the prince by flattering his pride and ambition. 

Application - Fromm whom can we get good advice? How can we know if the advice is wise or unwise? It is difficult at times to distinguish between the two. However, we can learn from Absalom. Flattery isn’t a component of good advice. Carefully weigh all that friends or family recommend, viewing with skepticism and advice that is laced with empty flattery. 

Prayer - Jesus I pray that you surround me with friends who will speak life and love into my life. That they will be the kind of friends that will speak from your wisdom. Help me weed out those who may speak ill things into my life. In your name I pray, amen.