July 5th

Scripture - 2 Samuel 14

Observation - In the middle of these passages about rape, murder, revenge, and rebellion, we find this description of Absalom’s beauty. It is probably placed here to set the stage for Absalom’s use of his good looks and charm to attempt to take over his father’s throne. The source of Absalom’s beauty, his thick hair, is perhaps what causes his head to become entangled in a tree branch, contributing to his death. We also see some movement towards David and Absalom’s relationship being restored.

Application - It is human nature to follow beautiful people. In the next chapter, the Israelites turned to Absalom because of his charm and beauty, and we do the same thing even today. In choosing whom we will appoint as our leaders and whom we will follow, we would be wise to remember that God does not look at the outward appearance but looks directly at our hearts. Regardless, we also see a glimpse of how God can restore relationships. Let’s invite him to fully restore any broken relationships that we might have in our lives.

Prayer - God, when it comes to wisdom, I want You to reveal true wisdom to me. Help me to not be distracted by those whose wisdom does not come from you. Help me to see broken relationships in my life fully restored too. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.