July 4th

Scripture - 2 Samuel 13

Observation - Tamar mourns, and yet no one comes forward as her advocate - not even her father, King David, who has the power to discipline Ammon. Perhaps he holds back because of his own scandalous behavior with Bathsheba. Not only does this action hurt Tamar but also cause a seed of hatred to grow in Absalom’s heart. He has now pledged to kill Ammon which he does two years later

Application - When we move fast in anger, it’s hard to see the consequence of our actions. When anger builds inside of us, we tend to lash out and hurt those around us. When we feel hurt, it is best to release those feelings to God and allow him to heal us from the inside out.

Prayer - Father God, thank you so much for your ever-lasting love. You are the constant source of strength and light in my life. I ask that when anger or hurt rise up in me that you would help me bring those feelings to your feet and be replaced with your love instead. In your name I pray, amen.