July 3rd

Scripture - 2 Samuel 12

Observation - David thought he had a secret. Yet how could he keep it when all of heaven knows? The prophet Nathan confronted David. With the tables turned, God promised that David will now experience pain for his choices. 

Application - Nothing is ever done in secret. We may think we are hiding something from those that surround us, but in our Father’s eyes, he sees it all. He knows your thoughts and he knows what is hiding deep in our hearts. Sometimes it takes us awhile to admit things done in hiding, but when we bring it to light, God’s forgiveness is there for us. 

Prayer - Father, I don’t want to live a life in shame and regret. More times than not, I find myself hiding from you. I know that what I do is not always pleasing. Help me to lay those things at your feet and walk in your total freedom. In your name I pray, amen