July 2nd

Scripture - 2 Samuel 11

Observation - Looking our over the city, David saw a woman, Bathsheba bathing. He didn’t stop there, he sent someone to find out who she was. He didn’t stop his lust for her even when he found out she was married. In most cultures King’s in those days could take whomever they wanted for his harem, but it was against Israelite law for David to take Bathsheba as his wife. David took full responsibility after Nathan rebuked him. David could have gone another way, but God honored his heart of repentance. 

Application - Read Psalm 51, David’s prayer of repentance. Underline David’s pleas and consider how David’s image of God affects his petitions.

Prayer - Father, I know that I do wrong on a daily basis. I know that I mess up and fail you. I also know of your love for me and how much you desire to help me get back on track. In moments of weakness, remind me of your love for me. In your name I pray, amen.