July 1st

Scripture - 2 Samuel 10

Scripture - When the Ammonite king died, David sent a delegation to express sympathy to Hanun, the new Ammonite king. Suspecting the delegation has ulterior motives, Hanun seizes the men of the delegation. He then began to humiliate them in the most insulting manner he could think of: he cuts off half of each man’s beard and he cuts off each man’s robe at the buttocks. When David heard of it, he graciously allowed them to stay in Jericho until their beards had grown back. Because of what the Ammonites did they suffered a tremendous defeat in the battles that ensue.

Observation - Have you ever been humiliated in a situation. Did you feel embarrassment or even shame from it? It’s easy in those times to hold onto how we felt or not forgive the other party for what they did; we’d rather take on some kind of payback ourselves. In those moments, remember God brings freedom from shame. If there is an event that caused you pain, ask God to help you forgive that person.

Prayer - God, I ask that no matter what, you help me through each life circumstance. I pray over those times that I may have caused embarrassment or pain to someone. Help me to walk out the situation with you. I also pray for those who have done something to me. I forgive each and every person. In your name I pray, amen.