Day 11 July 13th

Today’s Prayer Focus: 

Pray that God's word produces life changing transformation for the students and their family members.

Today’s Update:

Wow how time flies. I cannot believe that camp is over, it's been the fastest 5 days of my life. I just wish I could hold on to this week a little bit longer. 

7 months ago when I joined 2911 Church, I was looking to grow in my faith. Never did i think i would be half way across the world with kids I don’t even know, but this church has taught me to love and to relax and to have community. 

I know We definitely brought the 2911 Church to Hungary. Tonight i saw kids cry that don't have that relationship with God, but because they built relationship with our team they are seeing our God. They may not have a relationship with God yet, but that one smile or the invite to be a partner for the camp dance goes a long way. And for the students who knew God, they were able to see Him in a new way than they are used to. Tonight we did a walk through activity where we were taught about how a relationship with God works and I learned a new way of looking at God’s grace and forgiveness.

- Nadia Chavira