Day 12 July 14th

Today’s Prayer Focus: 

Pray continued good health and strength for team members and for their family that is back home.

Today’s Update:

Hi! This is Erin Locke. I’ve been a transplant with the 29:11 team this past trip, joining from Washington State.

I have loved doing Round 2 in Hungary with this team (having been at Vekker camp last year with a different team) and feel very blessed to have met even more brothers and sisters in Christ from all over the world. So, hey fam! (:

First off, goodbyes are hard. When you build relationships with people, it never is easy to say “see you later”. The staff and students here are so precious. Please be praying for our Hungarian brothers and sisters—that more would come into the Kingdom, and that the believers here would be encouraged in their faith and that they would remain rock-solid.

Also, please be praying that they would find a pastor specifically for their youth and families at Vekker, as they are needing someone to work in that role.

Back to being rock-solid, we went to Vekker church in Veszprém again, and their pastor, Tómas, spoke on how we can have a secure identity in Christ. He went over 5 things that we shouldn’t place our identity in (as these things change) and 5 unchangeable things that we should place our identity in.

5 things we shouldn’t place our identity in:

-Our emotional/psychological condition

• Sometimes good, sometimes bad

-Physical condition

• Fatigue, Hunger, Sickness, Aging, etc.

-Our performance 

• We’re not always at our ‘peak’

• We may think “am I a real Christian?” and doubt when we don’t perform right

-The people that surround us

• These are a large influence on our lives, but aren’t constant


• Financial, Work, Social, Political, Spiritual, etc.

5 things that we can place our identity in:

-God’s being. 

• Malachi 3:6 

-God’s authority and power and dominion

• Matthew 6:13

-God’s truth

• Psalm 93:5

-God’s redemption

• Ephesians 2:8-9

• John 10:27-29

-God’s promises

• James 1:17

• Hebrews 10:23

Isn’t it great to know Who we can build a strong foundation upon? Our steadfast belief doesn’t come from what we believe, but WHO we believe in.