Day 10 July 12th

Today’s Prayer Focus: 

Pray for revival to break out and for a mighty move of the Holy Spirit like the people there have never seen. Pray that lives and the people of Hungary will be change by our teams visit! Pray revival and the Holy Spirit will linger!

Today’s Update:

What an amazing time we have had in Hungary so far!  It has been better than what I expected and before we left for the trip I had very high hopes. I was praying for God to move mightily in the lives of these incredible Hungarian kids!

From the time we met the kids at the train station to our fourth day here, we have enjoyed eating with each other, playing games, laughing, sharing, praying, and bonding with each other.

I have had the privilege to come on this trip with my son, my daughter and son-in-law. I have been able to witness them give of themselves and reach out to these Hungarian kids. They have truly blessed these kids in such a precious way! I have seen so much growth and love in their hearts for these kids and it makes me so proud of them! 

This trip has also allowed me to reach out to these incredible kids as a father figure, love on them, and show them they are truly loved and special. I have dived right into their games and tried to become silly and transparent. I have participated in all of the FUN and allowed them to laugh at me in the skits we performed and the water games we played.

It is by no accident that the Lord wanted us to come on this trip so that we can pour our lives into these kids and take our eyes off of ourselves. Our whole purpose for this trip has been to bless these kids with our love and shine the light of Jesus on their lives.

I have to say that this trip has blessed us and touched us in such a special way and has given us such joy, of which, our family has not seen for awhile because of the difficult life challenges our family has been going through in the past year.

The Lord has answered our prayers to open these kids hearts and allow us to travel across the world to love on them, show them how special they are, and how much the Lord loves them.  I have met so many wonderful kids that have openly shared with me and included me in their fun. They are truly grateful for us spending this time with them, sharing with them, and giving our time to them.  

We are looking forward to what the Lord will do next in their lives for the remainder of our time at this camp and afterwards.  Praise the Lord for His faithfulness and love for all of us!