June 4th

Scripture - 1 Samuel 14

Observation -  Jonathan trusted God and believed that God could help he and his armor bearer take out the Philistine army. He trusted that whether there was an army behind him or just the two of them, God would help them succeed. Saul on the other hand did some weird things as a leader in this chapter. He added rules and made his men swear oaths not to eat during the day. He even almost executed his own son Jonathan.

Application -  When we trust God, He can move in greater ways than we could on our own. When we trust our own works, we often come up with self-destructive ideas to try to make ourselves successful. What area of your life could you trust God with today?

Prayer -  God, help me to trust you with every area of my life. When I feel discouraged, help me discover your strength and provision, rather than my own. In Jesus name, Amen.