June 3rd

Scripture - 1 Samuel 13

Observation - Samuel asked Saul to wait for him in Gilgal for seven days. Saul began to get frustrated when Samuel didn’t show up; his men began to scatter around the land and not stay with their king. Saul took it upon himself to offering a burnt offering unto the Lord. Samuel chose to wait for the seventh day to go to Saul. He was testing Saul’s heart; Samuel knew that he was impatient. Saul wanted all the glory to himself and to place himself in a position of absolute power. Because of his mistake, Saul’s kingdom was done.

Application - Our hearts show everything about us. We can think we are hiding what is buried there from everyone; including God. He is the only one that truly knows the deepest parts of our hearts. He sees everything, even when we fail. Within in that failure is God’s grace, mercy and love. Instead of hiding, offer what you have to God.

Prayer - Whatever it takes, Lord, align the desires of my heart with yours. Keep me desperate for you because I tend to wander when I stop feeling my need for you. Help my mind and heart to be sharp and aware of you. In your name I pray, amen.