January 18th

Scripture- 2 Timothy 4

Observe It– Paul seems to be urging Timothy to keep teaching the people he had influence with to follow Christ, to guide, patiently correcting, rebuking, and encouraging them to follow Christ. Paul sat looking back at his life, a life lived for Christ and was giving Timothy some wise words to live by.

Apply it– Have you listened closely to the wise people that God has placed in your life? What have mentors, elders, and wise people spoken into your life and ministry that you might need to respond to? Is God speaking to you through Paul’s words to Timothy? Is God speaking to you through the words of a mentor that he has placed in your life?

Prayer- God, Help me respond to your words, your wisdom, your guiding over my life. Would you help me to live and teach in a way that others who you have given me influence with would be drawn to You? In Jesus Name, Amen.