August 27th

Scripture - Acts 22

Observation - Paul had only been in Jerusalem for a few days and already the prophecies about the difficulties he would face we’re coming true. He was seized by the crowd, and the uproar was so great, and the people so inflamed that Paul had to be carried away by Roman soldiers for his own safety. Paul wished to stop and speak to this violent group. Rather than only defending himself, he took this opportunity to share his own conversion story and share the truth of the gospel.

Application - Many times in our lives we find that we are faced with an opportunity to share Jesus with others. How do you feel in those moments? Do you step out boldly in love and faith? Or, do you kind of hang back and blend in, too scared to share Jesus with others? If sharing the gospel is intimidating to you pray and ask God for boldness and to put someone in your life that needs to hear who Jesus is.

Prayer - Jesus, there are times that I've known that I should have shared you with someone but for whatever reason I held back and didn’t say anything. You could be mad and upset with me, but instead you choose to extend your grace and love to me. Give me boldness to share. In your name I pray, Amen.