August 26th

Scripture - Acts 21

Observation - When we read of Paul’s profound awareness of the risks ahead, we might wonder why he presses forward. The signs are posted: Danger ahead! Yet Paul continues on his chosen way. Agabus, a Judean prophet, makes Paul’s future painfully clear. He will be bound hand and foot by the Jews in Jerusalem and given to the Gentiles.


Application - Because Paul stuck with his destination, knowing he was going to die, we today can build from his boldness and courage when we face discouragement, persecution, and even death.


Prayer - Father God, you have my destination planned out. Sometimes it seems scary and unknown. Some days I want to redirect my path and take a different way. But I know that if I don’t have you in it, then I am lost and left to wander alone. Keep me strong on those days. In your name I pray, amen.