June 29th

Scripture - 2 Samuel 8

Observation - This chapter of victory, blessing, and prosperity describes the national life of Israel during David’s reign. This is one reason why he is generally regarded as the greatest king or ruler Israel ever had. This is how God wanted to reign in the life of Saul, but Saul resisted the Lord and rejected His Spirit. Because David allowed God to be Lord over Him, the nations were subdued before David.

Application - It is so hard for our flesh to understand what it means to be submissive to our Father. Submissive to our father just means that we are willing to lay ourselves down so that he might fill us back up with his glory, love and power. When we submit to and trust God, God is able to move more freely in our lives. 

Prayer - Father, each day I want to experience growth with you. I never want one day to look like another. I always want to be transformed by your glory. WIll you fill me with more of you? Help me learn to be humble in your presence. In your name I pray, amen.