June 28th

Scripture - 2 Samuel 7

Observation - God promised David, “rest from all enemies.” This was fulfilled for a time during David’s reign, yet God’s promise didn’t end there. God continued to use David’s family line to eventually bring the savior of the world, fulfilled through Jesus Christ’s reign as King of kings. A descendent of David, Jesus was and is the fulfillment of God’s promise to David of a king forever on the throne and of rest from his enemies. 

Application - It’s so awesome when we begin to see God’s promises to us fulfilled. Some days it feels like we are never going to see anything God says come to fruition. As long as we are faithful and step out, God will be there to say what he says and do what he says he will do.

Prayer - Father, help me to step out and see your promises come alive in and through my life. Let me not hold anything back from you. I know that I can trust in you and that you will bless my life along the way. In your name I pray, amen.