June 12th

Scripture - 1 Samuel 22

Observation - Saul’s anger with David grew to the point that he was willing to kill anyone who he thought was helping David, that included priests. Because the king’s men wouldn’t kill a man of God, Saul hired Doeg to take them out. Only one priest escaped and joined up with David.

Application - Anger seems like it can be controlled. But when we let it consume us, it pushes us to the point that we lash out at the ones we love the most and hurt them more then we ever intended to. Do you deal with anger? Is it hard sometimes to control your temper? In those times, ask God to give you the strength to respond the way he wants you to.

Prayer - God, when unhealthy anger or jealousy seems to rear its ugly head, give me the strength and ability to lay it at your feet. Help me to surrender it to you and rely on you rather than my own strength. In Jesus’ name, amen.