June 11th

Scripture - 1 Samuel 21

Observation - David was on the run from Saul. He went to see a priest in the town of Nob who gave him and his few men bread, and a sword for David to fight with -Goliath’s sword. David continued on to Achish, king of Gath to hide from king Saul. He realized though that the people in Acish recognized him. Out of fear, David began to act crazy so that they would not try to capture him.

Application - There are times and seasons in our lives when we have to move away from a situation and there are also times when we have to choose to stick it out in tough situations. David’s life was at stake because Saul was attempting to kill him. It’s interesting that David finds safety in going to the town of Nob, a town that was specifically a town of priests and their families. When you face challenges, what would it look like to run to a place where you know you’ll encounter God? In those places God can refresh and equip you -David and his men were given bread to eat and David was given a sword for protection.

Prayer - God, help me to run to you when life is challenging, rather than away from you. You are my shelter and my hope. Amen.