March 30th

Scripture - Luke 4

Observation - In the last chapter Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River by John the Baptist- a great spiritual experience. Then in Chapter 4, Jesus was tempted by Satan. Everything the devil tempted Jesus with, Jesus can obtain for himself. But Satan asked him to do it in the wrong way and at the wrong time. In the middle of Jesus’s fast, Satan asked him to eat. Instead of relying on God and His power, Satan asked Jesus to assume his own power. Each time, Jesus backed up the no’s he threw at Satan with the power of God’s word. Jesus relies on the Father throughout this fight.

Application - What is your greatest temptation? What struggle do you try to take out of your life but keep finding yourself running back to? We all have a weak spot in our lives and Satan knows exactly what words to get us to come back to those things that keep us even further from God. In those moments, stand strong on God’s word. Don’t give in to Satan’s deception. Take scriptures and engrave them in your heart that way when Satan attempts to distract you, you can throw God’s word right back in his face. 

Prayer - God, some days it’s hard not to stumble and fall down, but you know me better than I do, and you know the temptations that make me feel weak. I need your help when it comes to battling these things in my life. Help me to stand strong on my feet and use your word as a strong foundation. Help me to learn your word so I know exactly what to say to Satan when he comes my way. Thank you, God, for strength. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.