March 29th

Scripture - Luke 3

Observation - John the Baptist’s message gets straight to the point and pierce’s straight to the heart of the people who are around him listening. They know that in order to receive the message, they must repent of their sins and turn to God. He uses imagery of a farmer tossing grain to the side and the light-weight grain blowing away in the wind. John was explaining that the Messiah would come to separate those who will receive him and those who won’t.

Observation - Have you prepared yourself to hear the message that Jesus has? How is your heart when it comes to your relationship with him? in all things we do in this life, we should be rooted deep down in Jesus and His truth. When the wind tries to blow you down, you can stand strong and tall.

Prayer - Father, life can be hard especially when there are heavy burdens hold me down. Thank you for your faithful words in the Bible. They remind me that You are my God and you have promised to be by my side and give me strength when I ask for it. Help me stand firm in my faith in you. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.