April 29th

Scripture - Mark 10

Observation - Jesus looked into the rich man’s young heart and saw what he held most dear - his money. While the man saw himself as diligently keeping God’s commands, Jesus knew the fellow had not given God his whole heart. Jesus helped this man see the condition of his own heart when he asked the young man to sell everything… 

Application - Jesus encourages us to seriously consider what holds the focus of our hearts. Wealth can mean money, food, fame, or anything else that is of value to you. Anything that is more important to us than our Savior needs to be closely examined. Then we have a choice to make -where will we put our priorities, our focus? Today, take a moment to consider what holds the focus of your heart. What is something you’re unwillingly to let go of in order to be gripped with an intense pursuit of Jesus?

Prayer - Jesus, I want you to consume all of my heart. Help to examine my heart and see what is distracting me from you. Help me to let go of anything that takes the place of you. I want your joy, love, peace, and compassion -your abundant life to fill my life instead of the things I try to hold onto. In your name I pray, Amen.