April 28th

Scripture - Mark 9

Observation - Through the Transfiguration, God’s kingdom was seen and experienced as never before. Three disciples, Peter, James, and John watched as Elijah and Moses appeared to Jesus and began talking to him. This confirmed who Jesus is, but also confirmed that the Messiah’s mission was being accomplished. Peter wanted to build a memorial and stay there, but Jesus knew that the Father still had work for him to do.

Application - Jesus’ transfiguration continues today in our lives. What began on a mountain still flows into each and every one of us as believers. We are transformed into his likeness and glory. Jesus does amazing work in us when we accept him into our lives. Our old lives are washed away and replaced with the love of God. How does reflecting on this today, change how you will live throughout your day?

Prayer - Lord, help me every day to find faith in the midst of chaos. Give me the desire and ability to see you, hear you, talk to you, and give thanks to you. As I do, I will draw nearer and nearer to you. Multiply my faith and grow me deeper in your ways. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.