April 3rd

Scripture - Luke 8

Observation - In this chapter, we read a few of the parables that Jesus taught. In one of the parables, He uses an analogy of a garden, explaining that the seed of the Gospel can land in all sorts of hearts. In Jesus’ story, he said that some seed landed on the path and was trampled, other seed fell in the rocks, but couldn’t get enough water and would die off. Stil other seed fell onto ground where weeds were growing. The weed ridden soil represented people who initially accept the gospel and don’t reach their full spiritual maturity. Finally, some of the seed fell on good ground and took root, reproducing itself 100 fold. Three out of Four soils didn’t grow anything in Jesus’ story. Thankfully, Jesus’ story shows us that we follow a God who doesn’t give up. The farmer finally found ground -hearts, that the Gospel would grow in and be reproduced in!

Application -  In your own garden, have certain plants choked out your good spiritual intentions? Have certain plants blocked the sun and nutrients and have stopped letting the good plants grow? When you neglect certain things that need to be taken care of, thorns can grow and overtake your garden. What weeds need to be pulled, and how can you be sure to see the GOSPEL grow and reproduce in and through your life?

Prayer - Father, help to tend to the garden of my heart. Help me to recognize the weeds and thorns that try to overtake the good things that are growing in my life, allowing you to uproot the destructive patterns that try to choke out your work in me. I want the garden of my life to be full of life and growth. Help me to allow you to plant Your Plan, Hope, and Future in my life.. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.