April 2nd

Scripture - Luke 7

Observation - Jesus used miracles to help explain and show who he was. When John the Baptist sent some of his followers to ask Jesus who he was, Jesus simply pointed back to his miracles as the explanation. These miracles were and continue to be a representation of what Jesus can do spiritually. While performed physical miracles, more importantly, he made it possible that the spiritually blind will see, the spiritually deaf will hear, the spiritually lame will walk, and the spiritually dead will live. Jesus saw the woman who lost her son and was moved with compassion for her. He touched the coffin and the boy woke up, performing yet another miracle. They truly saw that Jesus was God in human form.

Application - What miracle are you waiting on? Is there an issue in your body that you have been waiting on God to touch? Miracles still happen, but not always in our ways or timing. This is no reason though to stop pressing into God and keep praying for your miracle. In waiting for God to perform the miraculous, we often discover a deeper faith in him.

Prayer - Father, I come to you today with faith so small that even I have a hard time seeing it. I believe that you are able to do more than I can even imagine. I know Father that you can do the impossible in my life. So I will trust in your promises. Thank you for hearing my prayers and being a God who sees and hears my every need. In Jesus’ name, amen.