March 18th

Scripture - 2 Corinthians 11

Observation - Paul warned the Corinthians that people would come, claiming to serve Christ, but teach a different Gospel -even a different gospel than what Paul taught. Somehow these ‘False Apostles’ were trying to distract these believers from the truth that Paul was teaching and living. Paul had gone through great challenges for the sake of the gospel. Yet, he endured, he was encouraging the Corinthians to hold onto the truth faith too, not to be distracted by the lies these other teachers offered them.

Application - There will always be someone or something with a more attractive message, but the Gospel of Christ is true. Have you gotten sidetracked by distracting teachings -maybe not even by false gospels, but by teaching that has turned molehills into mountains? Take some time to remember that God invites us to find our HOPE in the Simple Gospel of Christ Jesus, our savior. We invite you to take time to realign your focus on God’s true Plan, Hope, and Future for you and all of His church.

Prayer - God, Help me to fix my eyes on you rather than the millions of distractions that cloud my thoughts on a daily basis. Protect my mind and heart from false teaching and any thing that would distract me from your gospel. In Jesus’ name, Amen.