March 17th

Scripture - 2 Corinthians 10

Observation - Paul speaks to the Christians in Corinth with a gentle voice but tries to get his point across to them.  On many occasions, Paul had to defend himself to the Christians in Corinth. Some thought he was ministering from his flesh and not from God. Paul was human just like each of us and had struggles just like the rest of us. But that’s when he suited himself up with the armor of God, while the Corinthian Christians used manipulation, personal success, words, perception of power, and human schemes. Paul wanted to teach them to fight for the sake of the kingdom rather than their own successes. Rather than pursuing their own accolades, Paul wanted them to live for God’s approval.

Application - Many times we come unequipped to the battle. While we do fight our flesh when temptation hits, our main fight is with the enemy. He comes at us fast and hard and we have to be on our guard, ready to fight at all times. Take time to invite God to equip you for the battle you are fighting.

Prayer - God, help me to fight my battles, equipped with strength from You. Help me to always be alert and ready when attacks come my way. I will stand strong on your word. Fill my life with your love and strength. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.