June 1st

Scripture - 1 Samuel 11

Observation - Saul finds it hard to follow what Samuel says. He seems to always question Samuel’s prophecies. He hides when he is called out to be the first king of God’s people. But, the Spirit of God begins to transform Saul. The Spirit here is on Saul to give him the power to become a dynamic leader. He loses that same Spirit of God when he begins to act arrogantly and no longer listening to God’s word.

Application - There are days that we may not listen to what God is telling us. We think most times we can handle certain situations by ourselves. That however, leads to more trouble as we try to handle it. In most cases listening to the voice of God helps bring godly wisdom. It refreshes, renews, and reforms the mind.

Prayer - Father, help me to hear your voice speak out to me clearly. Help me determine your voice from others that may shout out at me. Keep my direction in life and the path set before me clear. In your name I pray, amen.