March 2nd

Scripture - 1 Corinthians 11

Observe It - In this time, it was improper for a woman to have her head uncovered. It meant she was loose and promiscuous. But, the women in Corinth loved to worship freely alongside their male counterparts, without their head coverings just as they were. Some saw men have a higher rank then women. But Paul states to them that God is not above the Son, just as man is not above women. God and the Son are equal, with varied roles, just as men and women are.  Paul also noticed that there was disunity when it came to the “love feast” after communion. The people were not united because the rich brought more and ate more, and the poor left hungry. Paul tells them all to check their hearts to see how they all interact with one another. 

Apply It - We still deal with different classes and races today. We can see in the news stories that pop all the time full of hate crimes. But, when we live with the Lord, those barriers of race and rich and poor are dropped. We are all one people who love God. When we begin to see that, we begin to put others first and ourselves last. We become a people who are willing to serve.

Prayer - God, help me to check my heart for any imbalances. I want to look at others as you do. Break my spirit God, help me to love others and serve others better. In my work, home, and church God, I want to be of service and go above and beyond the norm. In your name I pray, Amen.