February 26th

Scripture - 1 Corinthians 7

Observe it - Paul begins addressing questions on marriage and sex that the Corinthians asked him. The Corinthians were living immorally when it came to sexual sins. Paul encourages those who are not married to abstain from all things immoral, including sex, that would get between them and God. He also addresses married couples and tells them that sex is good thing between a married man and woman. Each person should address the needs of their partner and not withhold anything from each other. This chapter also speaks to single individuals, encouraging them to allow God to use them in unique ways, that a married person might not be able to be used in.

Apply It - The way God designed marriage and sex within marriage as a beautiful creation. Sex is a really good thing, designed by God. If you’re married, how might this chapter encourage you in your relationship? If you’re not married, how can this chapter encourage you? What is it that God might want you to do or accomplish for him that you can do because you are single?

Prayer - God, I always want to give you my best in all areas of my life. Would you use my ‘current relationship status’ as an opportunity to see your Plan, Hope and Future shared with others? For those areas I lack in, I ask for your strength to get me through. In your name I pray, Amen.