February 24th

Scripture - 1 Corinthians 5

Observe It - Corinth in its time was a place of beauty and splendor, but hidden in its walls we’re people with corrupt morals and sinful behavior. The church in Corinth didn’t want to address the hard issues, but rather ignore them. Paul, however disagrees and lets the people know that any kind of sinful behavior can not be ignored and it must be met head on and dealt with. He said all that not out of harshness or judgment, but for the church to come together and have sincere and deep repentance for their actions.

Apply It - Have you ever known someone and you knew their behavior was not that of Christ? Or maybe you felt like they refused to acknowledge the sin in their life? It’s hard sometimes to tell people the truth in love, especially if it’s a family member or friend. We should always try to guide people back to Jesus. One way to do that is to invite them to church. Once they are in church, God can start dealing with the hard stuff. Praying for them is another good start. All of this must be rooted in love though.

Prayer - Lord Jesus, I’m tired of the sin struggle in my life. I feel distant from you. My choices have not led me in the right direction. You know my thoughts and I ask that you x-ray my heart and take away the things I struggle with. In your name, amen.